I talked a bit about how long counselling should be in a previous post but I didn’t mention frequency.

The most common is to have a weekly session. This is so that the client has time to process what may have come up for them and review where they are before the next week while still keeping things fresh in memory at the next session.

However, this a huge commitment for some people both in time and money so every two weeks has become something that a lot of people choose. I work online this way but not face to face for personal practical reasons. I only have office hours on Fridays so I would have to find two clients that would use the same slot on alternating weeks which wouldn’t necessary be easy, otherwise I would be wasting a time slot every two weeks.

However working online I do offer every two weeks as I can be a lot more flexible with my working hours that way.

I really wouldn’t recommend planning to work on a longer frequency than every two weeks. I believe it would make it very difficult to build a therapeutic relationship and then see change occur. It may be that after a period of regular therapy then the client would like some check in sessions after a longer period to see what progress has been made and if it is being sustained. This could be useful towards the end of an alliance once an relationship has been formed and worked on. However again for practical reasons I could only offer this online.