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By: Siobhan Toner | February 16, 2018

There are many different types of bereavement, the losses that we feel grief over are more than just when people we care about die.

Sometimes people leave us. This can be family, for example when a parent or sibling leaves the family home we can be left feeling abandoned. Our friendship groups may break apart, this is very noticeable in school but it can happen at any age. We may separate with romantic partners and feel a great lose due to that.

Other types of loses can also be incredibly hard to cope with. The loss of a home - this can be due to poverty, breakdown of relationships or a secondary bereavement when a loved one dies.

The loss of innocence can be very traumatic if it comes through abuse. This can also link to being a victim of ...

By: Siobhan Toner | January 13, 2018

Its very easy to reach my offices from any of the following areas on public transport. Borough Tube station on the northern line is a few minutes away as is London Bridge overground. There is also a bus stop just outside the building from which most areas in Southwark are accessible and beyond into Lambeth, Lewisham and Greenwich.

Please note this isn't a full list just a sample.

Balham, Bermondsey, Beckenham, Blackfriars, Bromley, Canary Wharf, Camberwell, Catford, Clapham, Clock House, Charlton, Colliers Wood Croydon, Crystal Palace, Deptford, Downham, Dulwich, East Dulwich, East Finchley, Eden Park, Elephant and Castle, Elmers End, Eltham, Forest Hill, Greenwich, Hayes, Herne Hill, Hither Green, Kennington, Keston, Lewisham, Lady...

By: Siobhan Toner | December 16, 2017

I believe that everyone can benefit from having counselling once they find the counsellor that suits them.

How do you know if I am the right one for you? It may help to know a bit more about me. I come from a London Irish working class background and I was raised in Southwark. 

I am down to earth and open in the counselling space and my role is to help facilitate your exploration of the issues that have brought you there. I do this by listening to what you are saying but also what you may not be saying. By exploring this with you it can lead to greater understanding of what you are experiencing.

I don’t just listen, I work to understand what it would be like to experience what you are telling me in a non judgemental way and I will chec...

By: Siobhan Toner | November 30, 2017

You may question why people go to therapy? What is different about talking to a counsellor than talking to your friends and family?

Quite often our loved ones are great to talk too but they may find it difficult to sit with you when you are emotional. They may want to 'fix' you and make you feel better or get defence and not hear you properly.

A couple of examples of that are to do with two different emotions that clients may be feeling.

If someone you care about is upset and crying, what do you do? Offer comfort, hug them, pat their hand or arm, tell them it will be ok? These are all normal responses - but they won't really happen in therapy. We let the client carry on crying and work through it. It may seem harsh, but it's about giving th...

By: Siobhan Toner | October 25, 2017

It's been a beautiful sunny day here in London and I have noticed how much it has lifted my mood.

The sky is clear and blue; the temperature is mild but with a gentle breeze running across my skin and keeping me feeling cool and fresh.

I'm comparing it to a recent day which was wet but sticky and very very grey and I felt nasty, sweaty and with soaking clothes by 9am in the morning that I had to stay in all day.

The impact on how I am going about day due to the weather is huge. I feel less stressed, more at ease and taking the time to enjoy the sunshine and the world around me.

The other day I just had my head down and tried to avoid the environment as much as possible.

How much do you notice the weather and what impact does it have on your...

By: Siobhan Toner | October 13, 2017

Ex-school governor who imported child sex doll is jailed

This case really brings home to me how pervasive child abuse is and the ingenuity of the perpetrators.

It has no limits in terms of social economic class and position. Yet there is still I feel a belief amongst some people that it wouldn't happen in their society or peer group.

In some of the reporting on the allegations against Ted Heath (former PM) one of his friends was quoted as saying something like "I knew him for 50 years and didn't get a hint of anything like this". But isn't that the point! Why would you get a hint if you aren't part of it.

Abusers are skilled and able manipulator who can hide their crimes from all around them. To assume because you didn't know abou...