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What is Counselling?

If you have never experienced counselling, it can be hard to know what to expect. Why does talking help?

Therapists are trained in how to really listen to what you bring, to pay complete attention and to give you all the space you need to explore your issues. In our day-to-day life we don't always experience someone listening to us in this way, our history with that person and their own views and needs can get in the way.

Being in a space where we are the client, that we can use totally for ourselves can seem very odd at first, I know I found it so. Experiencing a safe space, where we can really focus on ourselves without other people's needs getting in the way can really help us work through what is bothering us.

My approach is based on the theory that when a person is given a space like that, where they are valued and not judged then growth and change occurs.

When I have asked clients what they got out of counselling it's often the same sort of answer. "I had a place to talk, to share it." "I was listened to, not judged."

The most beneficial element of therapy is the relationship formed between the client and counsellor. This is something that we can begin working on at the assessment stage which is a 30 minute, free session as we will discuss what has brought you to counselling and if I can help you. We will also discuss some of the practical elements of what it is like to work together, i.e. what if you can’t make a session? It’s always hard though to say how long therapy will last, some clients get a great deal of benefit from 6 sessions of 50 minutes, others find it useful to have a lot more. However, I find it helpful to have a review after six sessions to check in with where things are.

All sessions, whether face-to-face or online are 50 minutes.

I recommend that you find out more about what therapy is independently. The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) has as useful guide to what to expect at http://www.itsgoodtotalk.org.uk/what-is-therapy

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