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By: Siobhan Toner | July 08, 2017

This article with the words of a non binary 10 year old is brilliant. 

Its clear and straightforward but the final quotes struck me as so important, not just when dealing with gender diversity but life in general. 

Just image how society would be if everyone followed this rule

I don't need people to understand.

I just need people not to be rude.

By: Siobhan Toner | July 06, 2017

This article has some interesting points on social anxiety. I'm particularly pleased to see mention of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) as I recently underwent some training on this. 

Even though I am a person centred counsellor and ACT is a variant of CBT I found some elements of the training really useful.

Firstly, as the article say "The fundamental premise of ACT, then, is that you don’t try to squash your feelings but are able to notice and accept them while committing yourself to a pathway toward change." Acceptance of ones feelings is very compatible with the Person Centred Approach (PCA). The more aware we are of them the more we can accept them and ACT has a strong element of mindfulness and sel...

By: Siobhan Toner | June 28, 2017

In my experience being vulnerable is incredibly difficult for clients and I am always honoured when they share this with me.

When a facade, a mask has been carefully constructive to help cope with the difficulties life has brought to a person, it takes enormous courage to let someone see behind it.

To trust a professional with that can be the first step to finding a way to bring down the mask that is no longer needed for protection.